The intent is to provide Garlicoin users with a sense of pride and accomplishment for receiving free GRLC

Cometh batheth in the fountain of youth, beauty, and garlic where copious amounts of garlicoin do floweth.
The newest faucet on the blockchain where all thy wet, garlicoin dreams cometh true.
Ope the spout and taketh some sweet, sweet garlicoin juice every 6 hours with instant garlification.
There's nay better lodging to beginneth thy journey into the world of Garlicoin than with FaucetGarlico.in

97.16268656 GRLC currently in wallet - Donate to the faucet: GLrHVDxZbUT5phhybRtwEnpCY8jMueeRZX

You can currently get between 0.0075 and 0.0007 from this faucet every 6 hours. Good luck!

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